The Gravitational Lenses Catalog

Explore the Universe Through the Lens of Gravity

At GL Catalog, our mission is to compile a unified, comprehensive catalog of gravitational lenses — remarkable cosmic phenomena where the gravity of a foreground object magnifies and distorts the light from a distant background object. This site serves as a dynamic resource for researchers and astronomy enthusiasts alike, providing easy access to a sortable, detailed database of known gravitational lensing events.

Our Objectives

  • Develop a Comprehensive Catalog: Our goal is to create the most complete and accessible repository of gravitational lenses, gathering data from various telescopes and observatories worldwide.
  • Enhance Research and Discovery: By organizing this data into a single, searchable platform, we enable scientists and curious minds to explore, analyze, and find patterns in lensing systems. This, in turn, could shed light on the distribution of dark matter, the structure of galaxies, and the expansion of the Universe.

Why Gravitational Lenses?

Gravitational lensing is a powerful astronomical tool that not only allows us to view galaxies and stars otherwise too faint or distant to see but also provides a unique method to test theories of general relativity and cosmology. Through this catalog, we aim to make these fascinating windows into the cosmos more accessible to the scientific community and the public, enhancing our understanding of the universe’s structure and evolution.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a researcher looking for data to support your studies, an educator seeking real-world examples for your students, or a curious mind eager to learn about the cosmos, our catalog is here to serve as your gateway to the gravitational universe. Dive into our database, discover the intriguing world of gravitational lenses, and contribute to the ever-expanding frontier of astrophysics.